What Gives You Pleasure?

What gives you pleasure? What gives you ecstasy and rapture? What is the thing that can make you the happiest person in the world? What is the deed you like to do which makes you happier person in your whole life? What is like a bliss for you?
Is your answer any one, two or more from the following? – (1) winning a lottery, (2) visiting different places of the world, (3) to enjoy delicious food from different countries, (4) to have a beautiful lady/handsome boy as a life partner, (5) to take booze and enjoy / party (6) sex, (7) hemp, (8) alcohol, (9) heroin/drugs or more critical than this one, (10) victory or success, or anything else listed here?
Whatever pleasure you get from above listed deed or activities (or from anywhere) is periodic/ lasts for short period of time.
The pleasure we can get from meditation is not even near to match to all type of pleasure whatever there in this world is, it is on the top and it’s eternal too. What type of pleasure do you get from booze (or from winning a lottery)? More mystic pleasure you can get from Mindful Meditation. When you start doing meditation and reach to a saturated point of Mindfulness, you will be overwhelmed by bliss and rapture and this pleasure doesn’t have any match in the world. It takes you to the journey from natural to supernatural world.


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