What Gives You Pleasure?

What gives you pleasure? What gives you ecstasy and rapture? What is the thing that can make you the happiest person in the world? What is the deed you like to do which makes you happier person in your whole life? What is like a bliss for you?
Is your answer any one, two or more from the following? – (1) winning a lottery, (2) visiting different places of the world, (3) to enjoy delicious food from different countries, (4) to have a beautiful lady/handsome boy as a life partner, (5) to take booze and enjoy / party (6) sex, (7) hemp, (8) alcohol, (9) heroin/drugs or more critical than this one, (10) victory or success, or anything else listed here?
Whatever pleasure you get from above listed deed or activities (or from anywhere) is periodic/ lasts for short period of time.
The pleasure we can get from meditation is not even near to match to all type of pleasure whatever there in this world is, it is on the top and it’s eternal too. What type of pleasure do you get from booze (or from winning a lottery)? More mystic pleasure you can get from Mindful Meditation. When you start doing meditation and reach to a saturated point of Mindfulness, you will be overwhelmed by bliss and rapture and this pleasure doesn’t have any match in the world. It takes you to the journey from natural to supernatural world.


Motion To Stillness

At the Meditation Camp – A metallic ball was tied on a pole with a long line and the ball was moved from one end to another like a pendulum. The participants had to observe the moving pendulum of ball. As the ball moves, they move their head (or eyes) too, to look at the ball as if their eyes are connected to the ball. The motion of the pendulum slows down and stops moving after some longer minutes. Then staring at the point (at the ball) begins. Why this trick is used for meditation was my question.
“When I am driving, my car is in motion. In the mean time I, all of a sudden kick the brake. What result do you see?” This was the question of Yoga and Meditation teacher. Some topsy-turvy type of result we may see in such case.
“So, our eyes are on motion, our minds are on full motion. To kick the brake plate all of a sudden is to expect some chaotic result. That’s why we try to bring eyes and mind from motion state to stillness in a slower process by using this trick so that no chaotic aftermath of it we get as result. This trick is used in practicing Meditation. For Yoga, there are some warm up type of exercises before getting into it. We find such activities are necessary for beginners to smooth start.

Fruitful Yoga And Meditation

Yoga means linking, connection, add, Meeting point. It means union, unity of body and mind, it means confluence of two (or more) streams. Yoga means fixing broken things, broken mind, broken system of our body.
People practice different types of Yoga in different ways. Good Yoga is the yoga which is done in a better way, results better. Main point to mention here is- yoga is not done after meal. So, in the morning before breakfast and in the evening before meal (it is long hours after lunch) are the right time for practicing yoga. In another sense of yoga, meeting point of two different pole night and day are morning and evening. Yoga also means meeting point. So, morning and evening are better time for practicing yoga and Meditation. A trained Meditation teacher explained these points to participants at the locally organized Meditation Camp where some of our friends and me had visited the Yoga teachers to collect some ideas about the Yoga and Meditation.

We Found This

We (few of my friends and me) were curious how Meditation is taught at the local Meditation Camp by some trained Gurus what made us visit the camp. We were there for last few days observing the teachers’ and participants’ activities. Meditation means a type of training to mind but this training can be done by different ways. There the teachers gave an exercise to the participants to tame their eyes instead of their mind, which is new to me. A metallic ball was tied on a pole with a long line and the ball was moved from one end to another like a pendulum. The participants had to observe the moving pendulum of ball, as the ball moves their head moves too, to look at the ball.
It was interesting. Participants were sitting on their cushion on the ground, if possible on lotus pose or what pose might be comfortable to him/her.
Staring means looking at a fixed point or at the candle flame. This practice is done to improve concentration power. But I did not find such type of staring there at the Meditation Camp. Metallic ball was moving to and fro like a pray and a participant’s eyes were chasing the ball as a hunter does. The pray was neither caught nor was left free (not being chased). It was a type of staring but I couldn’t term the practice as Staring. Besides, discovered some more interesting dimensions of Meditation at the Camp and I shall be adding here in my convenient times.

Self Healing Therapy

Cure oneself is a program of Self Healing Therapy. Overcoming form depression, anxiety and sadness is based on self effort. Give it a try. It is the truth that you are yourself the greatest healer you will come to find.
Lie down on bed or at any comfortable place, Shavasana, look around and then close your eyes slowly. Both hands in Gyan Mudra (forefinger tip touching thumb, other fingers straight – this posture of hand is called Gyan Mudra), take deep, long and full breaths slowly, leave slowly. Think that pain is natural and it remains with us but the suffering is our choice. Let them come and go. Slowly your sufferings will go and fade away. Think positively, live positive, enjoy energized life fully. Exercise regularly as suggested in prior posts. If possible – watch rising sun. Final thing – wear smile on your face permanently and if you have time, try to laugh 10 minutes every day with free feel. If you can do this regularly, you will be healing yourself. This exercise will help you even when you feel solitary, lonely, away from family and friends, feel isolated and forlorn. Later, when you learn this therapy by practice and experience, negative factors cannot disturb/hurt you. Happy and Cheerful life! to you all.