Meditation On Bed

It’s wonderful that we can Meditate even on bed. Might be you are thinking Meditation means sitting on lotus pose, closing eyes and focusing on some point i.e. one of Chakras Point. Hand Posture or Mudra has its own value, I accept it. What I know is – Meditation can be done while walking, while taking rest or while going to sleep. And after a rough duty day, as soon as we finish dinner and some residual work, we hurry to bed. Then I practice Meditation in the wee hours of sleeping, from laying on bed to falling asleep.
Body pose is Shaw-asana, laying straight flat, no pillow, fingers of two hands clasped on navel point, eyes closed. I can do this even inside blanket in the time when the mercury drops down. And then I feel my breath, in-coming and out-going. Feeling it is watching it, being vigilant. Be vigilant. In-coming from nostrils to inner panel and out-going from inner panel to nostrils, no need to watch beyond this. Watch only within yourself, from nostrils and up to nostrils. Behave like a spectator, don’t judge their speed, timing, quantity or anything. Just watch gust of air, come and go. Don’t miss even a move of diaphragm. Attain the state of full consciousness. This is an exercise to improve our different dimensional Meditative Environment. Few more minutes later, I slowly and gradually start falling in the depth of asleep. Enjoy this sleep!


Persistent And Perseverance

I thought subject of Meditation was waste of time; bragging, worthless to follow, nonsense and bla…bla…bla at the beginning for I tried it few days and there was no result. I gave up. I was expecting good result of it and within a short period of time. Later I rejoined by another way, I tried it little longer period than prior; still no result. Again I gave up. I searched fault in Meditation Process, teacher(s), surrounding(s) and environment.
Somebody told me a story of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgey Shepa on this context; they failed to scale the Everest even at their sixth expedition. They did not lose hope, they tried again and scaled at the seventh expedition. I didn’t know whether the story was true or not, it was pushy for me. I got this – “Do not expect a result but carry on the expedition”. I started by the same way. After continual practice of four years, I began to realize a little about its importance in life and that too as little as a spoonful from the ocean. Today I feel that the journey has just begun; though late but fine. Other big thing – fault was in me, within me, in myself. I told myself, “Look at the target and shoot the arrow, blame neither arrow, nor bow nor archery teacher”. These were all excuses, I avoid them all and learn to Focus, Focus and Focus.

Natural Alert System In Us

What I learn most in Meditation is to control thoughts to bring down number of thoughts until zero. I know myself, maybe it is Mind’s tendency. I am lost in thought whether I am working, walking or taking rest, but I have strengthened Alert System which has been proved to be fruitful. What I do best from my side is I try to avoid nasty, naughty and unhealthy thoughts. Whenever I find myself involved in thinking a thought, my Alert System warns me – “You are thinking thought(s)”. Rest of the work is mine- being alert I have to see into it. I let them go if they are good thoughts. We think more about what we don’t want or don’t like, it’s natural. But we should alter our thinking. Think about what you like much to replace nasty and unhealthy thoughts. Think much about what makes you happy. Like thought attracts like thoughts. Thinking a thought plays vital role in making you joyful or dismal. Think good and feel good. But how do you know that you are thinking? Make Natural Alert System In Us more active (it is in ourselves). If you go rather dipper in thinking a thought, your Alert System will alert you and then you have to alter thinking or focus on one’s own Mindfulness. So, strengthening Alert System in oneself is approaching Meditation and by itself – controlling oneself.

Make Life A Festival


I would like to express my Christmas and Happy New Year 2017 wishes/greetings to all of my friends and families, relatives, pen-friends, multimedia friends and to all known and unknown. I know that every related festival brings cheerfulness, joy and happiness to us and this is why we will be charged with positive energy that strengthen us enough for coup or to tackle coming situation and circumstances. If we go ahead in a positive way, these festivals add more positive energy to us and bring more cheers and happiness. And then this life becomes a festival, again I’ll celebrate it every day. Try to make your life a festival too.
“Life is a festival, celebrate it every day.”

“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” to you all!

Sleeping Body : Awake Mind

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Meaning may differ from person to person. Mindfulness is a process to self awakening. We can call that a spiritual awakening. Blooming of consciousness is what we call awakening or enlightenment. When consciousness expands and opens into a new expression, we call that a spiritual awakening. May be awakening or enlightenment has its level. So, meaning of awakening varies from place to place and person to person. Example- a child starts to awaken to the nature of words and language. Someone suddenly knows that they are falling in love in their teenage or after teenage. How do they know this or what causes this awakening? More great is awakening of unconditional divine love. There are causes of the most profound spiritual awakenings, where consciousness suddenly recognizes its ultimate true nature. Self-inquiry, meditation, devotional practice cause an awakening (as told us by our Meditation Teacher). We can experiment with these processes and see what happens. It’s all about grace when Mind is awake and body is sleeping. Meditation practice is a part of the mystery of existence- Sleeping Body : Awake Mind.

God Is One

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Follow God. It’s a way to unity from division because God is one. It’s a way to peace from mayhem because God is peace, a way to clarity from obscurity because God is truth, a way to fraternity from jealousy because God is calm, a way to love from hatred and to happiness from sorrow because God is love and source of rapture. God loves humanity IRRESPECTIVE of whatever religion you follow, whatever language you speak, whatever race and tribe you belong to and wherever you live. Severity of religion is fault in human being. Humanity is cult of divinity in human being.
We follow Religion, why? To be near God. His name may vary from one to another person; but whatever, God is one, none to second. So? Where do you want to reach, to God or to Religion?
Still skeptic? Then you have to cover some more distance in this subject.

Believe God : Not Religion

When following “A” Religion becomes following a “BABA” (so called spiritual guru), it is most risky and  vulnerable to your “Believe” or (in other word) – to your life. Few people may go theist to atheist, I have heard about “Scandals” of some “Babas” and so called “Gurus”. Mostly citing in India. Some of (self called) Gurus/Babas are still behind bars. So, to follow a “personalized religion” seems to be most horrible. Only few “Gurus” are up to “morality” standard. Or almost all are corrupted from one or different corners. In many cases –hegemony of such monarchy goes one to another family member/most probably to the descendant. Many things seem messy. Even our common sense might get corrupted. We might easily be misguided by Agents of Religion(s). We are made aptly cool to be made fool by such Agents. So? Don’t follow Babas/Gurus (Agents of Religion) in the name of God; instead follow God.

Meaning Of Spiritual

Spiritual means?
To be strict on practicing Religion by birth or by virtue we choose to follow [ is not Spiritual]. To follow Religion [ is not Spiritual].
It is about following God. Try to know God, it is like following Him. You might say – not to follow Religion means to be corrupted. I say- not to follow God is to be corrupted. Religion is nothing but moral studies for us. There are barriers/divisions in Religions which divide us; when we are divided, we start a very big war from a small point. On the other hand God is boundless. You may know that Lord Buddha did not follow any Religion, He followed God, found Him and later He became a Religion for us. Lord Jesus did not follow any Religion instead He followed God. Neither Guru Nanak nor Mohammad, nor Mahavira followed Religion. They followed God, found Him and later They became Religious schools for us.
What I mean to say is- we don’t need to follow any religion except Humanity. Now accept the supremacy of the Lord, existence of God. And finally: Spiritual means – to be a human, to be open, boundary-less, benevolent to this earth, to be good for this environment, to be good and kind to all human beings, to all creatures and Follow God.


This universe or whatever we see at night, the extent of galaxy and celestial bodies are kept at a side as a third dimension, our lives on the other corner as first dimension, this visible world around us or our environment and surroundings are at the second corner as second dimension and the fourth invisible, metaphysical, supernatural corner as fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is spiritual.
The energy, power, and light are there at the fourth dimension. (if you do not like the term dimension, you can apply another word “corner”.) When we come to this physical body, we carry not only the light but also shadow along with us from the fourth dimension. We carry also energy and power consuming elements with us from the fourth dimension. There is love in the fourth dimension but when we come to this physical body, we carry ego too. This physical body is related to all four dimensions. Clearing anti-fourth dimensional elements is equivalent to exploring one’s own full-fledged life.
Mind is bundle of thoughts; think of good thought(s). Clean nasty and naughty thought(s), those are our energy and power consuming elements. If those elements are cleared, our mind calms down. Meditation is a tools for shaping your mind accordingly. May be you will call it cynically spiritual but purifying oneself is necessary to link oneself with the fourth dimension. Purifying means clearing anti-fourth dimensional elements (elements here means thoughts which shape our behavior, attitude, mentality etc.) When we develop fourth dimensional elements in us, the reflection is our behavior, attitude and mentality which can be seen by our family, friends and other people. Conclusion – when Meditation is your favorite tools (in this context), it will help you to know about the fourth dimension, as well lets you live your full-fledged life.

Developing Balance

Establishing a healthy link between our thoughts and our “self” helps us shift from imbalance to balance. If we reach to an optimal state of dynamic balance, we naturally tend to listen to our self and body with love. This helps balancing happiness and well being. For developing body-mind balance we extend our effort by sparing few minutes of our time to quiet our mind with the help of Meditation.
I haven’t found anything else Meditation as an important tools for restoring body-mind balance. We experience a state of restful awareness. Different than that in sleep. In this state body is resting deeply while our mind is awake though quiet. (I don’t want to say how our mind and body learn to be healed by themselves but I would like to quote that Scientific research on meditation is accelerating with the growing awareness of meditation’s numerous benefits. Most cited ones are decrease in hypertension, anxiety, depression and insomnia which are indications of improvement in our health. Thinning and eliminating addictive behavior is groundbreaking).
Thus, activities to establish a link between “I and me” (or thoughts and our “self”, or what do you like to term them? It’s rather spiritual to give an exact term!) is Meditation. Then? Balance yourself, Do you like to?