Read This Cautions Before Going Ahead

In the meditation hall, in amidst the peak silence someone roared as if he saw something frightening. There was a break in concentration of everyone. Some of his mates hold his hand and splashed water on his face, head and neck. This had happened with him because of hallucination he encountered. The teacher said, “You have to face the most fearful hallucination to be accustomed with so that you will never panic with other less fearful hallucination.”
Hallucination is basic thing in meditation. Be informed prior to practicing meditation that you also may face some fearful hallucination. Take it easy, don’t get panic. Try to enjoy all type of hallucination that you will have. Please do not scream or roar. Especially when mirror watching concentration practice is done, you may face very frightening hallucination. You may see a different face on the mirror instead of your own. For example – you may see a bleeding face on the mirror instead yours. What will you do then? What I suggest is that you practice meditation slowly and gradually. Concentration practice must not be done more than 15-15 minutes in the morning and evening at the beginning. Please don’t go 1 hours/2 hours concentration practice at once. You can add a minute more in a week or so. Big start, all of a sudden, in meditation system may not prove to be fruitful. As I realized that in some cases some meditation practicing persons looked as if they slightly lost mental balance. Do you know the reason? Hallucination. Fearful hallucination. So, what I want to suggest you is that you be well prepared and well informed before you start meditation. At the first stage, you work on mindfulness. Be a mindful person. Wipe away unnecessary thoughts from your mind and come down into present state “The Now”. This is a about beginning.


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