Motion To Stillness

At the Meditation Camp – A metallic ball was tied on a pole with a long line and the ball was moved from one end to another like a pendulum. The participants had to observe the moving pendulum of ball. As the ball moves, they move their head (or eyes) too, to look at the ball as if their eyes are connected to the ball. The motion of the pendulum slows down and stops moving after some longer minutes. Then staring at the point (at the ball) begins. Why this trick is used for meditation was my question.
“When I am driving, my car is in motion. In the mean time I, all of a sudden kick the brake. What result do you see?” This was the question of Yoga and Meditation teacher. Some topsy-turvy type of result we may see in such case.
“So, our eyes are on motion, our minds are on full motion. To kick the brake plate all of a sudden is to expect some chaotic result. That’s why we try to bring eyes and mind from motion state to stillness in a slower process by using this trick so that no chaotic aftermath of it we get as result. This trick is used in practicing Meditation. For Yoga, there are some warm up type of exercises before getting into it. We find such activities are necessary for beginners to smooth start.


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