Attended Rajyoga Meditation Workshop

Rajyoga Meditation Camp at Tumbajote, Matigara, Siliguri (India)
Rajyoga Meditation Camp at Tumbajote, Matigara, Siliguri (India)

This is my hand, not I hand; this is my heart, not I heart; this is my head, not I head. Whose hand is this? Who says “My hand”? Head? Heart? Mind? Or Who? Who is there in you who claims that this hand is His hand? My mouth says, “My hand”, but it’s not my mouth’s hand for it claims even mouth to be His mouth. This is my mouth, not I mouth. Then whose is this hand (physical hand)?
This visible hand (or whole physical body) is claimed by invisible “I” to be His hand (or body). This invisible “I” is non-physical. Once I have written about duality truth of the world. As is inside, so is outside. As is below, so is above. As is the root, so is the fruit. And there the two opposite poles exist. “Invisible you” is claiming that your hand is His hand. “invisible me” is claiming that this hand is His hand. And the system to know that invisible “I” is meditation. That invisible “I” is my “self”, that invisible “You” is your “self”. A system to connect visible you with invisible you is meditation. When there is good connection, you will know “You”. And one thing more – source of all “self” is one, means God is one whatever you name Him. As you connect with “You”, you will know the supreme source of “self” and easily will connect to the source.
This was what explained in the workshop of Rajyoga Meditation camp. Thank you Brahma Kumari for teaching about wonderful Meditation system Rajyoga.


Abstract Arts Held Me On

I was to walk; walking along a road. I reached somewhere – where there was an exhibition of arts and paintings. I entered the hall and started watching drawings, oil paintings and different arts. They were so beautiful, meaningful and some were artistically agonized. Besides these, when I reached a corner of the hall, I was stuck seeing abstract arts. They were meaningless at a glance but showing a great hidden meaning at stare. I gave more than some minutes to one and then jumped to another canvas. Then my eyes started searching something. I passed one hour or more without knowing time. When I came out of the exhibition hall – I realized that my mind was not boiling within the period I was trying to figure out something in the Abstract Arts. At the same time I thought that I could concentrate. “Oh yea! “EUREKA”, I can concentrate”. I could remember – I was stuck watching smoke after my candle was blown off at the Meditation Hall last I had attended and then again I was in the same state while trying to figure out the smoke in the thin air. Eureka! My subject of concentration was different. I got it. I, then and there decided to learn concentration on my own. You may also have different “Point of Concentration”. I was taught different ways of concentration yoga but in vain. That day I discovered myself how I could concentrate. This is how I got back to the track again. Of course- something may hold your mind if the traditional practice is not working for you. May be you need to come out and look for that. As I found that Abstract Arts were able to hold my mind, I watched dancing clouds in the summer sky for hours as they formed different Abstract Arts. Slowly and gradually I was advancing from good to better state of concentration. Even nothing works for you, continue practising Concentration, that’s Meditation, too.

Concentration Was Not That Easy

Concentration or Meditation is not that easy. I tried from different level and corners but in vain. Once I had given up. I remembered that day- I sat in the Meditation Hall, at front there was a burning candle. I had to watch or stare at the flame. I did, torso was ok, eyes did stare at the flame but my mind? No question- it was boiling too much- may be like an esteem engine, and was able to pull all the buggies intertwined. It was the same since last two weeks. No development. That day, as I was Sitting Silent, I gasped and breathe out with force. The candle blew off. And then there was a small smoke, danced like snake and vanished into the thin air. I watched that being involved, and tried to figure out that vanished smoke in the thin air. I gaped into the thin air for few more minutes and then stood up, walked out the hall. Done.
“I can’t do this, I can’t, I can’t!”- some such cry was what I heard amidst the boil of mind. Again I was striding on the same unknown path as before. I did not know where my legs would lead me to. I was just walking. For I was to walk. That was the day I surrendered and confessed my guilt about not being able to do this petty job. After a long time, something brought me back to the track. I will say what that was.

Music For Concentration

We are trying to improve our observation power. Music is helpful for us to enhance our concentration. Chanting of Pundits and monks is a form of music, too. Repetition of any word has it’s impression in life. By this chanting system we can reform our physical, metaphysical and spiritual world. Repetition of words form a dominant thought or a clear concept in mind. Every person in the world who has clear concept in their mind will be finding a place of their own, or create a place of their own. But I was sure that music meant melody; melody is soft, amicable to our ears. I have seen some monks, pastors, saints and nuns play instruments by themselves and sing Hymns. Engulfed in oneself. That is a form of concentration.
In Modern days, we hear different music, different beats, different melody. We can sink into beautiful music. That’s a form of concentration. What I suggest you is to choose such music which is enthusiastic, which brings a smile on your face, a happiness in your mind. Better avoid sad, sentimental songs because such songs generate sad vibes in you and again, like thought attracts like thoughts. It boils your mind. Construction takes time than destruction. Please do not allow stupid music to stampede in your mind’s beautiful garden and destroy blooming. Your garden is your own garden and you can determine whether it is ok if it is destroyed or not.
Choose such music which adds a hope, energy, vigor to you, for eg. “We shall overcome someday”. I am benefited from such music. My waking up alarm is the music “Happy birthday to you”. Not only on birthdays, but every day I like to enjoy like birthday, being cheerful and happy. When, in the morning I hear “Happy birthday to you”, it fills an energy in me similarly as on my birthdays. It helps me to make my whole day a good and vibrant day. Music helps me to beautify my inner me. As inner me is lively, so is outer me according to the formula “as is inside, so is outside; as is under, so is above”. Thus, music helps me to beautify inner me, to concentrate, to keep inner peace longer, to bring happiness in mind or even for healing. Hurrah! Go for good music.

Check List

Before you sit in front of the Dressing Glass for practice, please go through these points:-
1) Use arm chair so that you may not fall if you sneak into the sleep zone while doing Reflection Watching on the mirror.
2) Outfits – not much tight fitting, neither too loose.
3) Splash in your eyes with cold and fresh water.
4) DND at the door or inform your family members and ask an hour of time.
5) Mind is nothing but bundle of thoughts. If you find some thoughts there, instruct yourself not to think any thought. Or Alert by oneself, “Concentrate there at the Reflection.”
6) You may see your face changing at the reflection, it happens while attentively watching at a point. Sometimes old face, sometimes very young face, even sometimes you may see the face which is not yours. Please don’t get panic in such cases.
7) Sometimes your face may disappear from the mirror. Don’t get panic. Keep watching.
8) You may realize as you are getting light current flow in your body, that’s flow of energy in your body. Accept it.
9) Mental condition may (most probably may not) suddenly change – face this problem. You may feel worrying, frenzy or excited. Please don’t react with anybody after this practice if you feel like this.
10) No feeling comfortable after this practice or your problem is not listed above? Please consult your teachers, talk to your colleagues and teachers regarding your problem.
11) After completion of the practice again splash in your eyes with cold and fresh water.

Look At The Mirror

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We are getting ready to sit for concentration. Take a chair, sit in front of Dressing Glass at your drawing room. Posture- simply sit as usual, your spine straight and head facing straight forward. Look at the mirror, your own reflection. Stare, watch, observe yourself. How beautiful or handsome are you! You are a special person and only one of your type in this world. Very special, I can say this because your finger print and DNA were not match of any other in this world in the past and will never match even in future. No match. Yes, look deep into yourself through your eyes on eyes. No blinking, no thinking; at least try. You will find yourself, that special you. This is the way you can explore powerful you. Would you like this expedition to exploring yourself? If “yes”, my big “Bon Voyage!” to you.
You have to lay down some precautions while you are getting ready for this big expedition. Not a joke, big preparedness for big step. I shall be coming soon with the list of precautions that we have to abide by, tackle and face.

This Is Why I Am Adding Ads

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I was talking about a “link” or thread which connects me (physical) to my “self” (spiritual). Yes, there is a “link”, and it connects you to your “self”. The link is not been established yet. We have to establish the connection by ourselves. Yoga means to connect, to establish “link” of the person (physical) to his “self”, (spiritual). To KNOW One’s “SELF” is to establish the “link”. There are some processes and practices to do this, one amongst them is Meditation. Meditation is Physical, what we gain by Meditation could be spiritual. To establish this missing “link” is to know one’s “self”. There are some “Body Mind Balance Exercise” and then again Meditation. These all are about establishing “link” with visible to invisible, physical to spiritual. A wonderful subject for me was – “link”. Very vast subject. It is just a concise of that.

Ways To Meditation

Ways To Meditation
I was taught five ways of concentrating
1) Watch your breath
2) Watch your own reflection in the Mirror
3) Watch the candle flame
4) Chanting with/without beads
5) Watch the drops of water falling from a pot. (it is designed to teach us how to concentrate. A pot full of water is put on a tripod; there is a very small hole at the bottom of the pot, we watch as the water in it oozes drop by drop).
Chanting includes chanting name (of God) or Mantra with/without beads, singing prayers, spiritual dance, praising lord with/without playing some simple instruments. Doing this with engrossed mind was a form of concentration. “When people are happy, they never even recall God, but when they are upset or in a problem, they moaning/yelling/bellowing/howling/blubbering pray God or recall God.” That also was a form of Chanting.” Do you believe it? How wonderful is the subject of Meditation!

How Do You Meditate?

I asked this question to a Buddhist Monk. His reply was that he Meditates in his rest time (while taking rest), while walking, while in bed before falling asleep, early in the morning while eyes open from sleep. It is clear here that sitting on lotus posture is not necessarily a part of Meditation. Meditation at the beginning is subject of Mindfulness. That’s why we can Meditate while taking rest, while taking bath, while walking, while in bed before falling asleep. That means we can Meditate anyway, anywhere, anytime. Did you get the point? If yes – Hurrah! Meditation has become that easy! Do you know now how to Meditate?