Tratak And Kundalini

Meditation is a process to receive cosmic energy. Tratak (Gaze) helps us in different ways to improve our memory power, eyesight, visionary power as well. This process is also used for Kundalini Awakening. There are many energy centres in our body, seven are important. Let us know them by their colour as VIBGYOR, same as of a rainbow. R or red is at the base of spine, V or Violet is at the top of head. There is I or indigo at forehead- between two eyes and nose. Blue at neck, green on chest, yellow at naval point, orange is between base and naval point. These energy centers and called Kundalini. These energy centres have their own name, but now we may know them by their colour. Awakening of Kundalini means to have choices. Example- pain is natural and unavoidable element of life. But the suffering is certainly elective. We can choose whether to suffer or not. If we choose to suffer, it leads to sadness, further depression and anxiety. Or believe that this mood of sadness (suffering) will pass. Then look for sign that it is ending. You will start to feel the truth of it and find easy to remain positive, not to suffer or suffer least. I came to know why this Tratak is practiced by most of the Yogis, Yogins, Monks in saffron and white. We also can practice this at home and avail it’s good result.



Do you sometimes look for the thing you already have with you? Once I was looking for my pen I was writing with just before. There was no pen in my right hand, I did check my shirt’s pocket, pants pockets, my back pack, book shelves; everywhere wherever it possibly could be. I spent around half an hour to search the pen. I got tired, I did not find. Meanwhile my mom appeared there and asked me- what are you looking for? I replied her – My red inked pen. She yonder and replied- what’s that in your hand? I saw the pen was in my left hand.
Not only once, but many times I have searched the thing that I already have with me. The important things that we very often search outside are – peace, happiness/pleasure and carefree state which we already have with us. We search outside, so we never find it and we live void of peace, happiness/pleasure and carefree state in lives. I don’t suggest anybody to bother oneself much. Peace, happiness/pleasure and carefree state of mind are inside us but covered with cloud of ignorance. Rays of awareness removes the cloud and you will discover the leverage of what you were searching for. It depends upon SEARCHING.

Tratak To Improve Life

Tratak way of Meditation is a tool for improvement in life. Through Tratak, by means of its way of concentration, steady mind, effect of words or speech (what you speak must be good/healing/sympathetic to others) and effect of vision (as we practice staring at candle flame or at one’s own reflection on the mirror or at brilliant star(planet) in the sky etc. ) we can achieve our goal. Our goal should be ideologically philanthropic, benevolent in meaning or it must be positive. If the goal is influenced by negative cause(s), it’s effect(s) will be resulting havoc to oneself. You will be knowing some mysterious ideas. We can attain the state of Mental peace and pleasure by its regular practice. Boiling of mind will stop, slowly mind will calm down which is a symptom of firmness to go ahead. Memory power, eye sight, visionary power will be improved and you can even foresee the things or incidents. In conclusion- Tratak is a better tool for improving our life.

Cause And Effect

This is very vast subject to study and too complex to be understood by common brain. Though I would like to say that Causes and Effects exist together, everywhere. Reason and result stay together. You taste an apple, yummy!, That’s the effect, cause is it’s root, under the soil. The soil must be fertile, irrigation system must be managed, fertilizers/medicines must be applied. You saw a knotty papaya, you did not like even to taste it. The fruit (result) is poor because the environment under soil (reason) is poor.
I got a printout, spelling of a word was wrong. I used a correction pen and fixed it. Again I clicked on print button. Got another printout. Checked that, alas! The same wrong spelling? I tried many times, every times I tried got the same result. I tried to correct it in physical form. After long time only I realized that I should correct it in non-physical form, that is in computer. When programming is wrong, of course output will be wrong. We are in physical form, to correct it we need to correct non-physical form of us. You know what that is. And also you know how this is possible.
Cause and effect : there is balance in between the two. You cannot expect small effect of big cause. Neither could we expect big effect of small cause, nor cause implemented in a pen could have effect on a book. The topic is very vast but more interesting too.

Exercises And Result

For restive mind we practice calming exercises. These exercises help us in many ways. As in Tratak (watching) exercise we (1) close our eyes and watch our breath which is to widen the way to know oneself/to understand oneself. We (2) open our eyes and watch a candle flame OR we can watch our own reflection on the mirror- is to widen the way to understand/know other than oneself. And we (3) watch a bright star (planet) at clear night sky strengthens our future realizing sense. We can realize or sense some usual or unusual happening which is yet to be happen. It will help us to knock at the right door, as it helps us to take right decision. We will never knock at the wrong door; no chance. What we need to do is – continue the exercise and do with the right way of doing it. Sometime, meanwhile you may feel hallucination during exercise, let it come and go. We must not be derailed, have to do means have to accomplish.

Calming Exercise

For relaxing body we need movement exercise as it is mentioned earlier and then for restive mind we need calming exercise. By its nature mind is restive. There are some processes to calm it. In yoga there is Hatth yoga Tratak exercise. This exercise includes breathing exercises. And Tratak is watching exercise. (1) close your eyes and watch your breath – is watching inside; (2) open your eyes and watch a candle flame or watch your reflection on the mirror – is watching near exercise and (3) watch a bright star (planet) at clear night sky – is watching far exercise. There are some other watching exercises according to the distance and comfort. In Hatth we can even control our breath accordingly while watching air come and go; in Buddhist way, we just watch incoming and outgoing breath air but we do not control breathing. These are calming exercises, but do you think that these exercises are stronger enough to calm our stressed mind? My answer is – we should mix calming exercise with our environment to make it stronger than our restive and stressed mind which enables us go further making our mind calm.

Exercise For Body And Mind

Exercise Rotation, exercises for body-mind-soul balance and physical exercises are necessary for our physical fitness and soundness of our mind (mental power). For wellness of our physical health we do aforesaid exercises. Body is locomotive (running or restive), doing movements almost all the time. So physical exercise is the exercise which regularize our movements. But take in mind that characteristics (tendency) of our body (physical) is relaxing and characteristics of our mind is restive. Body seeks comforts. Body doesn’t want to walk five minutes distance, wants bike to go there. We develop machines and technologies to provide our body (physical) with facilities/comforts/easiness. Relaxing characteristics regularizing exercise is movement. Mind’s characteristics is restive, we need to do calming exercise to regularize our thoughts. Do you know characteristics of mind and body? Opposite. And about their exercises? Differ. Mind is restive by its tendency, so we need relaxing/calming exercise for our mind. Body is relaxing by its tendency, so we need movement exercises for our body. Movement exercise means? Lotus posture Meditation also is an exercise but here we do not make any physical movement. So it’s not a movement exercise. Swinging hand, moving waist round, jogging etc are movement exercises. Swimming, skipping and cycling etc. are good movement exercise for our body. We manage some minutes of time for exercises since exercises are like doses of medicine, neither can we omit a dose nor do we take whole bottle at one time. Some minutes for exercises every day, keep the doctor at bay.

We shall talk about exercises for mind.

Physical Exercises

There are some exercises which help to build our physical health. At top of all, three chosen exercises are 1. Swimming, 2. Skipping and 3. Cycling. Swimming cannot be possible for everybody. No worries, skipping and cycling are possible for all of us. Skipping is ‘Exercise Rotation’ plus jogging. We can include breathing exercise with skipping if we learn this art. Do you have problem at skipping? You can do mock skipping. Skipping with its line is better for it perfects you with timing and jumping over consistency. If you are unable to leap over even once, leave that and forget. Swing round your hand and simply keep jumping as if you are skipping, pretend. Third- cycling for 15 minutes covering 5 km of distance everyday is sufficient exercise for us. Exercises are categorized as per their result or effect. Some exercises are necessary for body-mind (and also for soul) balance and some for physical fitness. When we talk about our physical fitness, talking about only exercises is incomplete talk. Here we need to talk about balance diet, exercises and personal hygiene. There are some mental exercises for mental fitness like physical exercises for physical fitness. So, both type of exercises are necessary for a person’s overall fitness and health.

Exercise Rotation

This is the simplest and easiest physical exercise but has big underlying importance. People overlook this exercise because they don’t know its benefits. The exercise is Rotation. 1. Stand at ease – with hands akimbo on waist. Now move the middle part of your body in a circular form to the clockwise direction, count – say 10 times. Again move anti-clockwise 10 times. Finish. 2. Hold a pole or bar with your hand and move your head in a circular form to clockwise and anti clockwise directions 10-10 times each. You may feel dizziness after this exercise. Wait for some time to be normal and start another exercise. Finish. 3. Stand at ease with hands akimbo, now move circular upper half part of your body – above waist to clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. This one is rather difficult than prior two. You will feel dizziness and may fall, be careful. Or omit last one. Finish. 4. Rotate your both hands (as you skipping) clock-wise and anti-clock-wise at lease 30-30 times. 5. Take support of a pole and move circular your legs one by one. Remember to move to clock-wise and anti-clock-wise directions. Exercise Rotation is complete now.
We are on a bike unless it’s wheels move. When wheels’ rotation stops, our balance on it gets loose. All the heavenly bodies move. Speed may vary from one to another, their rotational movement is definite. Rotation keeps everybody/everything on position. You may not get immediate result of Exercise Rotation, but I am darn sure, you will get a better result from Exercise Rotation.

Breathing Exercise(ii)

This is alternative nostril breathing exercise. Use thumb and forefinger for alternatively blocking either of the nostrils while inhale – release the blocked nostril and block the other while releasing breathed air. Focus on incoming and outgoing of the breathing. Try to make one second’s gap in between these two activities, inhaling and releasing the air, and also in between releasing and inhaling the air. I mean to say is – inhale : hold (1-2 second) : release::hold (1-2 second) : inhale : hold. Here you use your little energy for inhale, while releasing the air, please do not use any energy, let it go by itself. We can do this exercise for body-mind-self balance. For this exercise we can sit flat/ on lotus pose/ on arm-chair/ on bed – or anywhere wherever we like. The thing is that we must sit with straight back. Our spine must be straight or vertical to the ground. We must feel comfortable while sitting and while doing exercise. Everybody can do Breathing Exercise(i) and Breathing Exercise(ii) except the person who has severe lung/heart (or both) complication(s).