Strengthen Observation Power

concentration1At the beginning days of learning concentration, though I was “sitting silent”, my mind wasn’t there where I hope it ought to be. I always found it hovering at random. My eyes were closed but ears open. There was pin-drop silence in the DHYANA (Meditation) room, but in contrary there was a big chaos in my inner room. I tried to concentrate – within a second Mind overcomes, ‘mobile apps, messages, office-task, quackery smile of that beautiful lady, yesterday’s food, so many things were there in my skull in the form of thought. I had to improve the condition of inner Sound Pollution from worst to good >to better> to best, but I surrendered. This happens with everybody, I am sure. But do not give up. There is something more to explore. What I need to do was to Strengthen my Observation Power. I want to share the story with you how I did it.

But one-thing I say is sure – don’t trust me since whatever I am sharing here with you all is based on my own experience.


Question of Sitting Posture.

We don’t have any specific posture for “Sitting Silent”, you can sit as you like. On flat surface, on a cushion, on a mat or whatever. You can even sit on a stool or on a chair. You should sit comfortably so that you do not feel pain at your ankle or in your knees. If you feel pain while sitting, you cannot concentrate, instead your concentration will be diverted. It is like spoiling 15 minutes of your  time. Only the thing is that we should not feel sleepy while sitting, neither we feel pain. We can sit comfortably anywhere for doing concentration practice. One thing we should try to do is that we sit straight up keeping spinal column at 900. Please do not bend or lean. If you are feeling tired, oppressed or sleepy, omit today. Let’s see tomorrow.

Here is no question of “Sitting” only, you can even do concentration while walking. We will be knowing about this very soon.

Dress also your choice

Dress code? We don’t say anything about outfits. You should feel comfortable, that’s your attire. Neither we choose colour of garments. It is up to you and your choice better suits you. Clothes must be comfortable while sitting or doing concentration practice. Girls/ladies also can choose their trendy outfits but make sure it must be within comfort zone for others also if practice is done in a Class Room. Otherwise concentration centre of boys might be driven somewhere. (please don’t mind, it’s natural.) If weather is very cold, you can wear jacket and fur cap and sit for concentration practice. There is no dealing with outfits of the INFITS. Be comfortable and feel comfortable, feel good, feel happy, feel cheerful. That’s good. And then we are ready for concentration practice.

Sitting Silent


“Sitting Silent” was not easy at the beginning. There was an alarming sound pollution outside. Tit-tat, pop-pop, clattering and banging sound penetrates from the thick wall, other smaller sounds also pry from ventilations. Some of beginners said that they tried to concentrate but failed because of outer sound pollution, that was too much!

Just I said, “What about Inner Sound Pollution?” Have you ever peeped how big sound pollution is there inside/in you?  How noisy your mind is. Mind is like an ocean from where thought bubbles evaporate, too much in number and generates irritating sound. So you concentrate inside/in you first. First we will try to reduce Inner Sound Pollution.

You don’t need to change anything

Some people complained regarding Meditation, I took that seriously since the matter of complain seemed rather sensitive. They said that they were not readily apt for the change. To practise Meditation is not to accept another Religion and relinquish one’s, neither it is alike adopting an alien culture. What do they need to change then? In their Daily Routine they need to make a small gap like 15 minutes in a day or twice in a day for “Sitting Silent”. No need to change anything.

Here I am agree that in the society or community where such practice was not done ever before, people from such community may take it awkward. They can take things need to be changed. You can keep everything the same, there is no need of changing anything.

But I am sure that this practice will bring a heavy change towards goodness of your life, your family and also your community. So, may be, we should accept this important update in our “Daily Routine”.

Concentration for Meditation

When we are ready for Meditation, we should have started our eternal journey from Concentration. Concentration means Focus of Mind. It’s like a practice to reign one’s mind. Why Concentration is necessary? Because this is the fundamental of Meditation. How is Concentration Practice done? There are some very effective ways for Concentration. Before that let’s try to know Few Simple Things-

Our mind is an ocean from where bubbles of thought evaporates, thousands in number. Around forty thousand in a day. A practice or exercise to Diminish this number in a count-down way is a practice for Concentration. The number of thoughts should be 30 thousand, again 20 and should come down to 10 thousand and likewise, the number of thoughts in a day should come down from one thousand. Nothing but Concentration Practice will help you.

Meditation and Religion

Meditation is not a Religion, neither we have to run behind Religion for the knowledge of Meditation. Meditation is an ancient art of living live to full extent. Skeptical?

We ignored Olden days’ Ideas or art of living and are unable to live a perfect life. We need Eight Merits* to live a perfect life. What are Eight Merits? Please do not ponder, I will let you know subsequently.

Come on! Learn Meditation.


Hello Everybody!

I love doing Meditation. It is a journey from marvel to marvel. As you start a walk on this path, you will feel energetic to walk more. If you walk a little more, you will be ready to walk farther more.

But many people don’t know how to do Meditation. If you fail to do this every day’s Yoga in an proper way, it will be a Meditation, rather it will be a cause for your frustration. There are many ways to do Meditation.

If you know about benefits of the best of all Yogas, you can start doing it. I shall be around you. Happy Beginning.