Third Reality

Reflection of oneself
Reflection of oneself

My thought is my life; your thought is your life or our inside is our outside. Our inner is our outer. As above, so below; as inside, so outside. Architect of my life – myself; you are architect of your life, what you are sculpting is you, outer you. Unbelievable! I can’t believe it but it was the truth, it was the Reality. Still I don’t believe it. What are the tools that we use to sculpting our life? It’s that simple – thought. I have to change the way of viewing things, the way I make concept of things, the way I assume them. And I am hopeful, it will work – I can change the way I think. Think a good thought, think a positive thought, and always be alert whether you are thinking something nasty, and say to oneself – oh! I am not to think this thought. Rouse inner Guide. Think thought of wellness, goodness, benevolence, care, love, prosperity, harmony, peace (all bright side) etc. If there is chaos inside (me), it is sure I am sculpting a vagabond me. “No, No! Stop, Stop!” I am telling my mind not to think that thought. These all and everything were out of the dimension of my understanding level, though I was sticky to it. May be you know now how stubborn and silly I am.


The Reality and Truth

Amongst few Realities that counts Second in this world of duality was – existence of invisible. For visible is to exist, there must be invisible. Visibility-invisibility, co-existence. Invisible things are more powerful than visible (physical world). If you say “Seeing is believing”, you will realize something wrong with your believing system at the time you touch an open electric wire. So? There is something invisible and the most powerful which runs this world accordingly, in manageable sequence with some inevitable systems. Whether you say God or anything else, but the existence of supreme power can be realized everywhere in our lives. I realize this from the beginning of my life. We all are run by the very supreme power, irrespective of time-zone, body figure and skin colour. At least I have to accept this in first stance. We can begin then.#The Reality#

The Reality

The Reality that counts first in its place is this world of duality; dark and light, hot and cold, right and left, good and bad, high and low, up and down, woe and joy, hunger and food and most interesting – visible and invisible. These are but few of thousand opposite pole. If one pole is there to exist, the other pole must also exist. Visible and invisible can be like outer and inner of a human. Outer is our physical body, it’s visible and inner is our Self, it’s invisible. For this there is a formula too; as inside so outside; as above so below. I like to use this formula to mine; as my “self” so I am. My “self” is determined by my thought. That means, my thought designs me, my life, prosperity, love, success, status and even links (connection with other people of same thought). So I can change my outer (life) by changing my inner (Self). To change “self” means to change my DOMINANT thought. The subject sought by many. But there is a question – how to change it? Can Meditation help me to change? There were such some questions which made me sticky with this subject.

Life Is Pushed To Margin

When tussle inside (#) was creating havoc, life was pushed to margin. In such cases, anybody would either destroy their lives by immersion of oneself at the sea of addiction (No to Drugs : Yes to Life Please!) or by plunging into big water. There was no hope of Turning Up. In both ways there was no life. But if anybody tries, that’s rebirth, thereafter they will start living life. That was true. I can realize this since I have worst experience of such situation. Then somebody tapped at back. The person told somebody that he was lost in the beauty of nature, immediately somebody replied- I know, what you want at this time and at this place. You wanted to be lost in the beauty of nature forever. The person confessed silently. “You don’t know the art of living. Learn Meditation. Don’t end up life now. Live it to full extent.”
Again, “We sometimes watch in the pool and assume that the cloud is moving there, but that is the reflection of the sky. Cloud is on the sky. “Tussle Inside” is not exactly tussle happening inside, that’s reflection. Tussle is Outsider. Mind is Insider, like mirror where we see that reflection. Tussle is moving outside on the sky but seems inside us. The reality is different.”
I wanted to know the reality that day.

Tussle Inside

It doesn’t matter whether you are sitting silent (for Meditation) or doing your work, if there is tussle inside you will be feeling an ice-mound somewhere in your chest, or just in the centre of belly, sometimes it comes up to the neck or at throat. It is, as I sometimes feel like a lump of fear. An exotic fear. It makes me feel like going to the washroom, or hover around aimlessly. Feel like nausea, heart jumps, no interest in food or anything whatever. It seems like there is end nearer. Not funny, seriously. It is not because of hypertension but tussle in mind. When there is tussle inside, it creates a fear of loss. You may lose or may not, but aplomb of the fear strongly haunts you from inside you. Even you may not know what you will lose, the fear is there. The fear, sometimes seemingly starts jumping one place to another inside you, chills your heart, makes you sick from heart, loose motion etc., and may fall you to bed. This Root of Depression (may be this is the root of depression, but I exactly don’t know) is inside. The shadow of fear inhabited inside inhibits you.That’s the Mirage, actually not in existence. This is my experience, and to overcome the shadow – Yoga and Meditation have helped me out a lot. The shadow of fear sometimes may be activated, but there must be regularity in Yoga and Meditation Practice.   (I Have Double Mind)

I Have Double Mind

marigold-flowersI have experienced that I have double Mind in myself, my very personal experience; I don’t know about you and others. One mind provokes me to do the things which, if done shows disgusting aftermath. It brags and forces me to do wrong things, always. The other mind sits silent after it speaks out once. It doesn’t bark at me, just speaks softly. I named the former one the Negative Mind and the later Positive Mind. Sometimes these two mind debate and I fall in a big dilemma. They put me in ordeal. At the beginning it was difficult to know which side of the mind was speaking, Negative side or Positive side? I always tried to listen to Positive Mind. But sometimes I mistook Negative Mind as Positive.

Once I was forced to pluck a flower in a garden, I knew that was Negative Mind forcing me to do this. I tried to stop but the potent of the Negativity sometimes raises higher than the Positive side, I knew thence. Just I plucked a flower, the gardener appeared and spewed few bitter words at me. I apologized. I regretted, felt guilty whole day long.

Sometimes I listen to the Positive Mind. I feel happy go lucky whole day long.

I always try to listen to the Positive Mind, I practise this while learning “Observation” and “Concentration” because the Negative Mind has misguided me so many times. Meditation has helped me construct Positive Mind and eliminate Negative Mind, yet, however I still feel tussle in myself. We have to tackle our mind with positive force. I will share with you in coming days how I did and moreover I would like to hear from you about such state of mind. TRY TO LISTEN TO THE POSITIVE MIND. HAVE A GREAT DAY AHEAD.

Subject Of Meditation

In my view – Meditation is a state of Sleep. I mean – Not thinking about anything means Sleeping. We do not think while sleeping or in some severe (physical/mental) condition. But Meditation is something more than sleeping at ease. Taming of Mind by doing different exercises is the process towards Meditation in which we can say Piano Learning or Music Playing also can be included since it is the subject of FOCUS and at this peak time all thoughts flow in one direction. Flowing of all thoughts in one direction is the subject of Concentration which we should learn before Meditation. Keep mind free from worries, tussles, tensions is an act of FOCUS towards goodness, positive side of life. When we start looking towards bright side or positive side of creation, negativities are slowly eliminated. We give full FOCUS while learning Piano (or anything like act, play, sports, music, art etc.) which results in accumulating positive energy that propels us (learner) towards culmination and that’s what our achievement is – creation. Is not this generated (creation) by the power of Meditation? Meditation is supportive for creation. Hence I am fully agree with Ioana’s blog. Thanks a lot. Check her blog out – please click the link below:-

Throw Away Contraband

We cannot travel with contraband, if we try, we’ll be withheld. On the spiritual path anger, greed, hate, hatred, discrimination, stereotype, prejudice, racial, lying, stealing, humiliating or insulting other, hurting other people, boasting, feel like “I am big, you are small” etc, etc belong to the list of contraband. Please try to throw out all the contraband from your luggage of heart and be ready for the sacred journey. This journey seems difficult at the beginning but a big ecstasy later as a result.

Big Resistance

I have experienced this, that’s why I called it a Big Resistance in Concentration learning process. This Resistance is Feeling Sleepy. You will be feeling Sleepy while trying to concentrate or while doing exercise of concentration. I have tackled this problem. I am sharing my experience here. If your option is different, please share with me, I shall remain grateful to you. In the exercise, you will fall asleep or you will take a nap unknowingly even if you have got full sleep at night. In my view- it happens to everybody. Once, while I was sitting for concentration I nearly fall back because of sleep. If you are overwhelmed by sleep, please try doing Shavasana. At such situation please do not watch flame of candle, instead watch your breath. Sleep on a mat or a bed and watch your breath as mentioned in previous story. Then you will slowly go into sleep, no worries. Continue doing concentration for at least five minutes after you wake up taking nap. It may take time but you will overcome such annoying Resistance, too. Always keep hope.