Mystery is there where you can find yourself. It is beyond your breathing system. Breathe controlling and knowing that it has been controlled leads us to the another point of the mystery. This world is beyond Imagination. We cannot say that every thing that we see and realize only exists here. There are many things which exist here which are beyond our feel, see, realize and knowledge. That’s why mystery exists in this world.

How do we control breathing? We can do it by learning Pranayama, Kapal-vati, Agnisar, Bahirbandh and Antarbandh.

Pranayama is slowly breathing in from left of nose-hole; breathing out from right of nose-hole by blocking the alternative nose-hole with thumb and again breathing in from right of nose-hole and breathing out from left of nose-hole. This completes one cycle of Pranayama. Take at least 5 seconds to inhale and 5 seconds to exhale.

Kapalvanti is using of energy (force) to exhale with a tune. (Need to learn from teacher).

Agnisar is movement of abdomen (in different directions and round) after complete exhale then blocking breath from inhale for at least 15 seconds.

Bahirbandh : breath out and block breath from inhale for at least 30 seconds. And slowly let the breath in. Bahirbandh means hold outside.

Antarbandh: Antarbandh means hold inside. Inhale and block it inside at least for 30 seconds and then slowly release the breath.

All these exercises and yogas are done in Sukhasana or if possible Lotus Pose.