As we got to know, some people think that Meditation is a narrowing way from wideness to narrowness of serenity. A way towards more and more strictness – they said. Teacher said that it was a natural tendency. Soul in us is like a river which wants to flow into pacific (peacefulness) ocean, can it be said flowing form wideness to narrowness? Or from boundless to limitations? Whether knowingly or unknowingly, flowing happens there and it is inevitable. If you can see this flow, you will enjoy a lot, you will be in the ocean of pleasure, lost in it but if you are not aware of that, you will not pry That Way and not see anything. Everything remains usual for you. That Way is Meditation. Meditation can make you able to see the colorful Rendition of Transformation. Teacher said, “You have a head with brain, it is brain only if you can utilize it or you have a Pandora Box. Crackle of sadness, sorrows, woes and worries can be heard from even outside the box. You have skull with brain, your life is really a human life. Or if you are living with a Pandora Box, you are living just a social animal life.”


Right Things Begin With Meditation

Meditation means to begin different better things at a time. When we begin doing Meditation, we are open to different divine resources which makes us accept positive elements in our lives and know, notice, mark and omit (ignore) negative elements. There is happiness, peace, pleasure of life in receiving positive elements and opposites of these in negative elements. We never success in life with more negative elements and less positive elements. At least, in this case, positive elements in our lives should be heavier than the negative elements rather than balancing both sides. It is turning to the right, like right thinking, right view, right decision, right work or action, right livelihood, right …….. more things to mention. To know oneself is very important in life. It is to recognize one’s worth birth and worth action on the earth and it is to know one’s own destination. So, many things (right things) begin with Meditation. Meditation takes us there where we ought to be, hand by hand. So simple and loving. (Subject was “Why should we begin to Meditate?” in the Meditation Camp where we had been taking part and the explanation on the subject was that the Right Things Begin With The Meditation though it may cause a bit more chaos in our mind (also in our life) at the beginning since there will be a clash in between positive and negative elements in us as we start supporting positive elements. In such cases (chaotic situation)– giving up Meditating is not right idea which gives a joy to negative elements. And the negative elements result mess in our life. Whatever situation happens to come, continues doing Meditation as per your routine. You will simply come to realize later how the negative elements wash hand form your life one by one, and the moment will be a very joyful moment.)

“Do Yoga Or Live With Health Complicacies.”

Work-out, physical exercises or yoga is as important as meditation in life, as said by Yoga Teacher in a Meditation Camp. As well he warned us not to tamper one’s own body by intense work-out, instead he told us to love our body. Normal exercise is better and very important too, as he said. Teacher told the participants about some compulsory exercises – hands moving exercises, legs moving exercises, head moving exercises, body moving exercises, eyes moving exercises, breathing exercises like Kapal Vanti and Anulom-Bilom, roaring exercise (Lion Roar Exercise) and belly moving exercises. These exercises keep our body in balance and restore body-mind-self balance. We should not let diseases make our body their residence. Do you know we think eating, working, sleeping, drinking, clothing, family-friends-company etc. are part of life? we never take Meditation as part of life but it is. Yoga is physical exercise and Meditation is mental exercise. We need both and both are similarly compulsory. Wounds heal, sick recovers and if you learn this, you will succeed.

There is fight in mind unless….

Everybody in the world thinks, so they exist. Thinking a thought is a thing and fight in the mind is different one. Fight in mind and different type of thoughts are similar in one sense. Fight means so many different thoughts. Unless there is fight in mind, there is no peace with you whatever the world you have around you. Why there is fight in mind? It’s because there is existence of negative and positive elements or aspects in us. Unless positive elements totally conquer over negativity from the core of us, the positive elements keep fighting against negative elements. And the fight continues. From the time when the positive elements totally defeat the negative elements, the person attain the state of peace, tranquility, calmness. The person gets peace. I shall be in peace. But during the times when there was fight in the core of mine, I had been suffering. I looked into myself. I knew that I should support positive elements. I started doing the same. Positive elements get charged as I support them and fight became easier for the positive elements, it made my life easier. Thousands of petty thoughts expired. I learned to make few dominant thoughts instead thousand unnecessary thoughts. I began to flow with main stream. “To look into oneself” is similar process as of Lord Buddha’s “Ihi Passiko” (Come and see). Transformation of life is possible only when we look into ourselves, know or realize the elements and support positives. Meditation can support us to make things easier and better.

Read This Cautions Before Going Ahead

In the meditation hall, in amidst the peak silence someone roared as if he saw something frightening. There was a break in concentration of everyone. Some of his mates hold his hand and splashed water on his face, head and neck. This had happened with him because of hallucination he encountered. The teacher said, “You have to face the most fearful hallucination to be accustomed with so that you will never panic with other less fearful hallucination.”
Hallucination is basic thing in meditation. Be informed prior to practicing meditation that you also may face some fearful hallucination. Take it easy, don’t get panic. Try to enjoy all type of hallucination that you will have. Please do not scream or roar. Especially when mirror watching concentration practice is done, you may face very frightening hallucination. You may see a different face on the mirror instead of your own. For example – you may see a bleeding face on the mirror instead yours. What will you do then? What I suggest is that you practice meditation slowly and gradually. Concentration practice must not be done more than 15-15 minutes in the morning and evening at the beginning. Please don’t go 1 hours/2 hours concentration practice at once. You can add a minute more in a week or so. Big start, all of a sudden, in meditation system may not prove to be fruitful. As I realized that in some cases some meditation practicing persons looked as if they slightly lost mental balance. Do you know the reason? Hallucination. Fearful hallucination. So, what I want to suggest you is that you be well prepared and well informed before you start meditation. At the first stage, you work on mindfulness. Be a mindful person. Wipe away unnecessary thoughts from your mind and come down into present state “The Now”. This is a about beginning.