Meditation is a marvelous journey from Concentration to the meditative state of mind. If you want to be “a particular person” from “somebody”; if you want to use your full potential for you and your community to enhance; if you want to know your”SELF”*; if you want to understand what RELIGION is and above all these if you want to know how to meditate, you are at the Right Place.

“A person himself/herself is an architecture of his/her life”, then don’t you want to make your life a festival to celebrate every day? If you are not up to this, you yourself are responsible for making your life miserable. Come on, please try to change it; I know you can do it; Yes! You can do it!

The Most Important Thing that we need for meditation is

S M I L E.

 Yes, a big SMILE. A very fair smile which comes out from heart. A smile that makes us healthy and happy. A smile which makes me feel good, not me only, it even makes my community feel good. A sweet smile from the core.