As we got to know, some people think that Meditation is a narrowing way from wideness to narrowness of serenity. A way towards more and more strictness – they said. Teacher said that it was a natural tendency. Soul in us is like a river which wants to flow into pacific (peacefulness) ocean, can it be said flowing form wideness to narrowness? Or from boundless to limitations? Whether knowingly or unknowingly, flowing happens there and it is inevitable. If you can see this flow, you will enjoy a lot, you will be in the ocean of pleasure, lost in it but if you are not aware of that, you will not pry That Way and not see anything. Everything remains usual for you. That Way is Meditation. Meditation can make you able to see the colorful Rendition of Transformation. Teacher said, “You have a head with brain, it is brain only if you can utilize it or you have a Pandora Box. Crackle of sadness, sorrows, woes and worries can be heard from even outside the box. You have skull with brain, your life is really a human life. Or if you are living with a Pandora Box, you are living just a social animal life.”


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