Right Things Begin With Meditation

Meditation means to begin different better things at a time. When we begin doing Meditation, we are open to different divine resources which makes us accept positive elements in our lives and know, notice, mark and omit (ignore) negative elements. There is happiness, peace, pleasure of life in receiving positive elements and opposites of these in negative elements. We never success in life with more negative elements and less positive elements. At least, in this case, positive elements in our lives should be heavier than the negative elements rather than balancing both sides. It is turning to the right, like right thinking, right view, right decision, right work or action, right livelihood, right …….. more things to mention. To know oneself is very important in life. It is to recognize one’s worth birth and worth action on the earth and it is to know one’s own destination. So, many things (right things) begin with Meditation. Meditation takes us there where we ought to be, hand by hand. So simple and loving. (Subject was “Why should we begin to Meditate?” in the Meditation Camp where we had been taking part and the explanation on the subject was that the Right Things Begin With The Meditation though it may cause a bit more chaos in our mind (also in our life) at the beginning since there will be a clash in between positive and negative elements in us as we start supporting positive elements. In such cases (chaotic situation)– giving up Meditating is not right idea which gives a joy to negative elements. And the negative elements result mess in our life. Whatever situation happens to come, continues doing Meditation as per your routine. You will simply come to realize later how the negative elements wash hand form your life one by one, and the moment will be a very joyful moment.)


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