“Do Yoga Or Live With Health Complicacies.”

Work-out, physical exercises or yoga is as important as meditation in life, as said by Yoga Teacher in a Meditation Camp. As well he warned us not to tamper one’s own body by intense work-out, instead he told us to love our body. Normal exercise is better and very important too, as he said. Teacher told the participants about some compulsory exercises – hands moving exercises, legs moving exercises, head moving exercises, body moving exercises, eyes moving exercises, breathing exercises like Kapal Vanti and Anulom-Bilom, roaring exercise (Lion Roar Exercise) and belly moving exercises. These exercises keep our body in balance and restore body-mind-self balance. We should not let diseases make our body their residence. Do you know we think eating, working, sleeping, drinking, clothing, family-friends-company etc. are part of life? we never take Meditation as part of life but it is. Yoga is physical exercise and Meditation is mental exercise. We need both and both are similarly compulsory. Wounds heal, sick recovers and if you learn this, you will succeed.


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