There is fight in mind unless….

Everybody in the world thinks, so they exist. Thinking a thought is a thing and fight in the mind is different one. Fight in mind and different type of thoughts are similar in one sense. Fight means so many different thoughts. Unless there is fight in mind, there is no peace with you whatever the world you have around you. Why there is fight in mind? It’s because there is existence of negative and positive elements or aspects in us. Unless positive elements totally conquer over negativity from the core of us, the positive elements keep fighting against negative elements. And the fight continues. From the time when the positive elements totally defeat the negative elements, the person attain the state of peace, tranquility, calmness. The person gets peace. I shall be in peace. But during the times when there was fight in the core of mine, I had been suffering. I looked into myself. I knew that I should support positive elements. I started doing the same. Positive elements get charged as I support them and fight became easier for the positive elements, it made my life easier. Thousands of petty thoughts expired. I learned to make few dominant thoughts instead thousand unnecessary thoughts. I began to flow with main stream. “To look into oneself” is similar process as of Lord Buddha’s “Ihi Passiko” (Come and see). Transformation of life is possible only when we look into ourselves, know or realize the elements and support positives. Meditation can support us to make things easier and better.


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