Fruitful Yoga And Meditation

Yoga means linking, connection, add, Meeting point. It means union, unity of body and mind, it means confluence of two (or more) streams. Yoga means fixing broken things, broken mind, broken system of our body.
People practice different types of Yoga in different ways. Good Yoga is the yoga which is done in a better way, results better. Main point to mention here is- yoga is not done after meal. So, in the morning before breakfast and in the evening before meal (it is long hours after lunch) are the right time for practicing yoga. In another sense of yoga, meeting point of two different pole night and day are morning and evening. Yoga also means meeting point. So, morning and evening are better time for practicing yoga and Meditation. A trained Meditation teacher explained these points to participants at the locally organized Meditation Camp where some of our friends and me had visited the Yoga teachers to collect some ideas about the Yoga and Meditation.


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