We Found This

We (few of my friends and me) were curious how Meditation is taught at the local Meditation Camp by some trained Gurus what made us visit the camp. We were there for last few days observing the teachers’ and participants’ activities. Meditation means a type of training to mind but this training can be done by different ways. There the teachers gave an exercise to the participants to tame their eyes instead of their mind, which is new to me. A metallic ball was tied on a pole with a long line and the ball was moved from one end to another like a pendulum. The participants had to observe the moving pendulum of ball, as the ball moves their head moves too, to look at the ball.
It was interesting. Participants were sitting on their cushion on the ground, if possible on lotus pose or what pose might be comfortable to him/her.
Staring means looking at a fixed point or at the candle flame. This practice is done to improve concentration power. But I did not find such type of staring there at the Meditation Camp. Metallic ball was moving to and fro like a pray and a participant’s eyes were chasing the ball as a hunter does. The pray was neither caught nor was left free (not being chased). It was a type of staring but I couldn’t term the practice as Staring. Besides, discovered some more interesting dimensions of Meditation at the Camp and I shall be adding here in my convenient times.


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