Self Healing Therapy

Cure oneself is a program of Self Healing Therapy. Overcoming form depression, anxiety and sadness is based on self effort. Give it a try. It is the truth that you are yourself the greatest healer you will come to find.
Lie down on bed or at any comfortable place, Shavasana, look around and then close your eyes slowly. Both hands in Gyan Mudra (forefinger tip touching thumb, other fingers straight – this posture of hand is called Gyan Mudra), take deep, long and full breaths slowly, leave slowly. Think that pain is natural and it remains with us but the suffering is our choice. Let them come and go. Slowly your sufferings will go and fade away. Think positively, live positive, enjoy energized life fully. Exercise regularly as suggested in prior posts. If possible – watch rising sun. Final thing – wear smile on your face permanently and if you have time, try to laugh 10 minutes every day with free feel. If you can do this regularly, you will be healing yourself. This exercise will help you even when you feel solitary, lonely, away from family and friends, feel isolated and forlorn. Later, when you learn this therapy by practice and experience, negative factors cannot disturb/hurt you. Happy and Cheerful life! to you all.


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