Tratak And Kundalini

Meditation is a process to receive cosmic energy. Tratak (Gaze) helps us in different ways to improve our memory power, eyesight, visionary power as well. This process is also used for Kundalini Awakening. There are many energy centres in our body, seven are important. Let us know them by their colour as VIBGYOR, same as of a rainbow. R or red is at the base of spine, V or Violet is at the top of head. There is I or indigo at forehead- between two eyes and nose. Blue at neck, green on chest, yellow at naval point, orange is between base and naval point. These energy centers and called Kundalini. These energy centres have their own name, but now we may know them by their colour. Awakening of Kundalini means to have choices. Example- pain is natural and unavoidable element of life. But the suffering is certainly elective. We can choose whether to suffer or not. If we choose to suffer, it leads to sadness, further depression and anxiety. Or believe that this mood of sadness (suffering) will pass. Then look for sign that it is ending. You will start to feel the truth of it and find easy to remain positive, not to suffer or suffer least. I came to know why this Tratak is practiced by most of the Yogis, Yogins, Monks in saffron and white. We also can practice this at home and avail it’s good result.


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