Do you sometimes look for the thing you already have with you? Once I was looking for my pen I was writing with just before. There was no pen in my right hand, I did check my shirt’s pocket, pants pockets, my back pack, book shelves; everywhere wherever it possibly could be. I spent around half an hour to search the pen. I got tired, I did not find. Meanwhile my mom appeared there and asked me- what are you looking for? I replied her – My red inked pen. She yonder and replied- what’s that in your hand? I saw the pen was in my left hand.
Not only once, but many times I have searched the thing that I already have with me. The important things that we very often search outside are – peace, happiness/pleasure and carefree state which we already have with us. We search outside, so we never find it and we live void of peace, happiness/pleasure and carefree state in lives. I don’t suggest anybody to bother oneself much. Peace, happiness/pleasure and carefree state of mind are inside us but covered with cloud of ignorance. Rays of awareness removes the cloud and you will discover the leverage of what you were searching for. It depends upon SEARCHING.


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