Tratak To Improve Life

Tratak way of Meditation is a tool for improvement in life. Through Tratak, by means of its way of concentration, steady mind, effect of words or speech (what you speak must be good/healing/sympathetic to others) and effect of vision (as we practice staring at candle flame or at one’s own reflection on the mirror or at brilliant star(planet) in the sky etc. ) we can achieve our goal. Our goal should be ideologically philanthropic, benevolent in meaning or it must be positive. If the goal is influenced by negative cause(s), it’s effect(s) will be resulting havoc to oneself. You will be knowing some mysterious ideas. We can attain the state of Mental peace and pleasure by its regular practice. Boiling of mind will stop, slowly mind will calm down which is a symptom of firmness to go ahead. Memory power, eye sight, visionary power will be improved and you can even foresee the things or incidents. In conclusion- Tratak is a better tool for improving our life.


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