Cause And Effect

This is very vast subject to study and too complex to be understood by common brain. Though I would like to say that Causes and Effects exist together, everywhere. Reason and result stay together. You taste an apple, yummy!, That’s the effect, cause is it’s root, under the soil. The soil must be fertile, irrigation system must be managed, fertilizers/medicines must be applied. You saw a knotty papaya, you did not like even to taste it. The fruit (result) is poor because the environment under soil (reason) is poor.
I got a printout, spelling of a word was wrong. I used a correction pen and fixed it. Again I clicked on print button. Got another printout. Checked that, alas! The same wrong spelling? I tried many times, every times I tried got the same result. I tried to correct it in physical form. After long time only I realized that I should correct it in non-physical form, that is in computer. When programming is wrong, of course output will be wrong. We are in physical form, to correct it we need to correct non-physical form of us. You know what that is. And also you know how this is possible.
Cause and effect : there is balance in between the two. You cannot expect small effect of big cause. Neither could we expect big effect of small cause, nor cause implemented in a pen could have effect on a book. The topic is very vast but more interesting too.


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