Exercises And Result

For restive mind we practice calming exercises. These exercises help us in many ways. As in Tratak (watching) exercise we (1) close our eyes and watch our breath which is to widen the way to know oneself/to understand oneself. We (2) open our eyes and watch a candle flame OR we can watch our own reflection on the mirror- is to widen the way to understand/know other than oneself. And we (3) watch a bright star (planet) at clear night sky strengthens our future realizing sense. We can realize or sense some usual or unusual happening which is yet to be happen. It will help us to knock at the right door, as it helps us to take right decision. We will never knock at the wrong door; no chance. What we need to do is – continue the exercise and do with the right way of doing it. Sometime, meanwhile you may feel hallucination during exercise, let it come and go. We must not be derailed, have to do means have to accomplish.


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