Calming Exercise

For relaxing body we need movement exercise as it is mentioned earlier and then for restive mind we need calming exercise. By its nature mind is restive. There are some processes to calm it. In yoga there is Hatth yoga Tratak exercise. This exercise includes breathing exercises. And Tratak is watching exercise. (1) close your eyes and watch your breath – is watching inside; (2) open your eyes and watch a candle flame or watch your reflection on the mirror – is watching near exercise and (3) watch a bright star (planet) at clear night sky – is watching far exercise. There are some other watching exercises according to the distance and comfort. In Hatth we can even control our breath accordingly while watching air come and go; in Buddhist way, we just watch incoming and outgoing breath air but we do not control breathing. These are calming exercises, but do you think that these exercises are stronger enough to calm our stressed mind? My answer is – we should mix calming exercise with our environment to make it stronger than our restive and stressed mind which enables us go further making our mind calm.


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