Exercise For Body And Mind

Exercise Rotation, exercises for body-mind-soul balance and physical exercises are necessary for our physical fitness and soundness of our mind (mental power). For wellness of our physical health we do aforesaid exercises. Body is locomotive (running or restive), doing movements almost all the time. So physical exercise is the exercise which regularize our movements. But take in mind that characteristics (tendency) of our body (physical) is relaxing and characteristics of our mind is restive. Body seeks comforts. Body doesn’t want to walk five minutes distance, wants bike to go there. We develop machines and technologies to provide our body (physical) with facilities/comforts/easiness. Relaxing characteristics regularizing exercise is movement. Mind’s characteristics is restive, we need to do calming exercise to regularize our thoughts. Do you know characteristics of mind and body? Opposite. And about their exercises? Differ. Mind is restive by its tendency, so we need relaxing/calming exercise for our mind. Body is relaxing by its tendency, so we need movement exercises for our body. Movement exercise means? Lotus posture Meditation also is an exercise but here we do not make any physical movement. So it’s not a movement exercise. Swinging hand, moving waist round, jogging etc are movement exercises. Swimming, skipping and cycling etc. are good movement exercise for our body. We manage some minutes of time for exercises since exercises are like doses of medicine, neither can we omit a dose nor do we take whole bottle at one time. Some minutes for exercises every day, keep the doctor at bay.

We shall talk about exercises for mind.


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