Physical Exercises

There are some exercises which help to build our physical health. At top of all, three chosen exercises are 1. Swimming, 2. Skipping and 3. Cycling. Swimming cannot be possible for everybody. No worries, skipping and cycling are possible for all of us. Skipping is ‘Exercise Rotation’ plus jogging. We can include breathing exercise with skipping if we learn this art. Do you have problem at skipping? You can do mock skipping. Skipping with its line is better for it perfects you with timing and jumping over consistency. If you are unable to leap over even once, leave that and forget. Swing round your hand and simply keep jumping as if you are skipping, pretend. Third- cycling for 15 minutes covering 5 km of distance everyday is sufficient exercise for us. Exercises are categorized as per their result or effect. Some exercises are necessary for body-mind (and also for soul) balance and some for physical fitness. When we talk about our physical fitness, talking about only exercises is incomplete talk. Here we need to talk about balance diet, exercises and personal hygiene. There are some mental exercises for mental fitness like physical exercises for physical fitness. So, both type of exercises are necessary for a person’s overall fitness and health.


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