Exercise Rotation

This is the simplest and easiest physical exercise but has big underlying importance. People overlook this exercise because they don’t know its benefits. The exercise is Rotation. 1. Stand at ease – with hands akimbo on waist. Now move the middle part of your body in a circular form to the clockwise direction, count – say 10 times. Again move anti-clockwise 10 times. Finish. 2. Hold a pole or bar with your hand and move your head in a circular form to clockwise and anti clockwise directions 10-10 times each. You may feel dizziness after this exercise. Wait for some time to be normal and start another exercise. Finish. 3. Stand at ease with hands akimbo, now move circular upper half part of your body – above waist to clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. This one is rather difficult than prior two. You will feel dizziness and may fall, be careful. Or omit last one. Finish. 4. Rotate your both hands (as you skipping) clock-wise and anti-clock-wise at lease 30-30 times. 5. Take support of a pole and move circular your legs one by one. Remember to move to clock-wise and anti-clock-wise directions. Exercise Rotation is complete now.
We are on a bike unless it’s wheels move. When wheels’ rotation stops, our balance on it gets loose. All the heavenly bodies move. Speed may vary from one to another, their rotational movement is definite. Rotation keeps everybody/everything on position. You may not get immediate result of Exercise Rotation, but I am darn sure, you will get a better result from Exercise Rotation.


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