Breathing Exercise(ii)

This is alternative nostril breathing exercise. Use thumb and forefinger for alternatively blocking either of the nostrils while inhale – release the blocked nostril and block the other while releasing breathed air. Focus on incoming and outgoing of the breathing. Try to make one second’s gap in between these two activities, inhaling and releasing the air, and also in between releasing and inhaling the air. I mean to say is – inhale : hold (1-2 second) : release::hold (1-2 second) : inhale : hold. Here you use your little energy for inhale, while releasing the air, please do not use any energy, let it go by itself. We can do this exercise for body-mind-self balance. For this exercise we can sit flat/ on lotus pose/ on arm-chair/ on bed – or anywhere wherever we like. The thing is that we must sit with straight back. Our spine must be straight or vertical to the ground. We must feel comfortable while sitting and while doing exercise. Everybody can do Breathing Exercise(i) and Breathing Exercise(ii) except the person who has severe lung/heart (or both) complication(s).


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