Breathing Exercise(i)

This is a breathing exercise, inhale normally but thrust exhale. This you can do sitting flat on the bed or anywhere. If you cannot sit flat, or at lotus pose, you can sit as you feel is comfortable. We are talking about Mind:Body:Self balance exercises. Till the time, we are talking about Meditation, for meditation some exercises are necessary to bring Mind-Body-Self into balance. Most of the people may not understand what is meant by mind-body balance. Here still one more word is added, that is self. You may call is soul or self, referring the same. We love healthy body, and of course we try to make our body healthy. Some typical exercises help us to achieve this goal. Sound mind keeps us happy and healthy. I cannot imagine a fit and fine body with disturbed mind, can you? My pointing is toward balance. Without Mind-Body-Soul balance, life is an illusion. Mind is the source of thoughts, Soul means the invisible part of a life, they are different. Now let’s go to the point- inhale full length of breath with ease- while exhale, use little energy and shove breath. Now let it come back with ease. Repeating this for only 3 minutes is sufficient exercise for us.


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