Struggle And Problem In Life

Struggle is a part of life. It makes our lives colorful. So I accept struggle from core of my heart. I enjoy it. Problems open doors of solution. They are our best friends. They always give us new-new ideas. So they are with us to help us out. You might take struggle and problem as your enemies and fight them every times. This means you have spoiled your “every time” (or life or valuable time of life). Don’t take them negative. Take them positive and enjoy looking at the positive aspects of life. Example- if you take problem bigger, it becomes bigger than you are and you will get irritating situation with it. Take them smaller and let them come and go. If you take them smaller, you will be bigger than a problem is and problem becomes minor thing for you. Struggle and problem will never break you but will help you. Meditation practice has helped me to know and realize that struggle and problem are part of our lives. I never tried to run away from them, neither I did fight them as well, (as I was used to doing prior in my life). My teacher told me – there is no taste of life without struggle, there is no value of love without problem(s). If there is no woe in life, we may not realize what well is. If there is no sadness in life, how can we know the value of happiness? They should come together, likewise struggle and problems should come along with life to make it colorful and interesting. Let’s not stop walking forward looking side-by-side and frontward.


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