Meditation On Bed

It’s wonderful that we can Meditate even on bed. Might be you are thinking Meditation means sitting on lotus pose, closing eyes and focusing on some point i.e. one of Chakras Point. Hand Posture or Mudra has its own value, I accept it. What I know is – Meditation can be done while walking, while taking rest or while going to sleep. And after a rough duty day, as soon as we finish dinner and some residual work, we hurry to bed. Then I practice Meditation in the wee hours of sleeping, from laying on bed to falling asleep.
Body pose is Shaw-asana, laying straight flat, no pillow, fingers of two hands clasped on navel point, eyes closed. I can do this even inside blanket in the time when the mercury drops down. And then I feel my breath, in-coming and out-going. Feeling it is watching it, being vigilant. Be vigilant. In-coming from nostrils to inner panel and out-going from inner panel to nostrils, no need to watch beyond this. Watch only within yourself, from nostrils and up to nostrils. Behave like a spectator, don’t judge their speed, timing, quantity or anything. Just watch gust of air, come and go. Don’t miss even a move of diaphragm. Attain the state of full consciousness. This is an exercise to improve our different dimensional Meditative Environment. Few more minutes later, I slowly and gradually start falling in the depth of asleep. Enjoy this sleep!


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