Persistent And Perseverance

I thought subject of Meditation was waste of time; bragging, worthless to follow, nonsense and bla…bla…bla at the beginning for I tried it few days and there was no result. I gave up. I was expecting good result of it and within a short period of time. Later I rejoined by another way, I tried it little longer period than prior; still no result. Again I gave up. I searched fault in Meditation Process, teacher(s), surrounding(s) and environment.
Somebody told me a story of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgey Shepa on this context; they failed to scale the Everest even at their sixth expedition. They did not lose hope, they tried again and scaled at the seventh expedition. I didn’t know whether the story was true or not, it was pushy for me. I got this – “Do not expect a result but carry on the expedition”. I started by the same way. After continual practice of four years, I began to realize a little about its importance in life and that too as little as a spoonful from the ocean. Today I feel that the journey has just begun; though late but fine. Other big thing – fault was in me, within me, in myself. I told myself, “Look at the target and shoot the arrow, blame neither arrow, nor bow nor archery teacher”. These were all excuses, I avoid them all and learn to Focus, Focus and Focus.


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