Natural Alert System In Us

What I learn most in Meditation is to control thoughts to bring down number of thoughts until zero. I know myself, maybe it is Mind’s tendency. I am lost in thought whether I am working, walking or taking rest, but I have strengthened Alert System which has been proved to be fruitful. What I do best from my side is I try to avoid nasty, naughty and unhealthy thoughts. Whenever I find myself involved in thinking a thought, my Alert System warns me – “You are thinking thought(s)”. Rest of the work is mine- being alert I have to see into it. I let them go if they are good thoughts. We think more about what we don’t want or don’t like, it’s natural. But we should alter our thinking. Think about what you like much to replace nasty and unhealthy thoughts. Think much about what makes you happy. Like thought attracts like thoughts. Thinking a thought plays vital role in making you joyful or dismal. Think good and feel good. But how do you know that you are thinking? Make Natural Alert System In Us more active (it is in ourselves). If you go rather dipper in thinking a thought, your Alert System will alert you and then you have to alter thinking or focus on one’s own Mindfulness. So, strengthening Alert System in oneself is approaching Meditation and by itself – controlling oneself.


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