God Is One

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Follow God. It’s a way to unity from division because God is one. It’s a way to peace from mayhem because God is peace, a way to clarity from obscurity because God is truth, a way to fraternity from jealousy because God is calm, a way to love from hatred and to happiness from sorrow because God is love and source of rapture. God loves humanity IRRESPECTIVE of whatever religion you follow, whatever language you speak, whatever race and tribe you belong to and wherever you live. Severity of religion is fault in human being. Humanity is cult of divinity in human being.
We follow Religion, why? To be near God. His name may vary from one to another person; but whatever, God is one, none to second. So? Where do you want to reach, to God or to Religion?
Still skeptic? Then you have to cover some more distance in this subject.


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