Believe God : Not Religion

When following “A” Religion becomes following a “BABA” (so called spiritual guru), it is most risky and  vulnerable to your “Believe” or (in other word) – to your life. Few people may go theist to atheist, I have heard about “Scandals” of some “Babas” and so called “Gurus”. Mostly citing in India. Some of (self called) Gurus/Babas are still behind bars. So, to follow a “personalized religion” seems to be most horrible. Only few “Gurus” are up to “morality” standard. Or almost all are corrupted from one or different corners. In many cases –hegemony of such monarchy goes one to another family member/most probably to the descendant. Many things seem messy. Even our common sense might get corrupted. We might easily be misguided by Agents of Religion(s). We are made aptly cool to be made fool by such Agents. So? Don’t follow Babas/Gurus (Agents of Religion) in the name of God; instead follow God.


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