Meaning Of Spiritual

Spiritual means?
To be strict on practicing Religion by birth or by virtue we choose to follow [ is not Spiritual]. To follow Religion [ is not Spiritual].
It is about following God. Try to know God, it is like following Him. You might say – not to follow Religion means to be corrupted. I say- not to follow God is to be corrupted. Religion is nothing but moral studies for us. There are barriers/divisions in Religions which divide us; when we are divided, we start a very big war from a small point. On the other hand God is boundless. You may know that Lord Buddha did not follow any Religion, He followed God, found Him and later He became a Religion for us. Lord Jesus did not follow any Religion instead He followed God. Neither Guru Nanak nor Mohammad, nor Mahavira followed Religion. They followed God, found Him and later They became Religious schools for us.
What I mean to say is- we don’t need to follow any religion except Humanity. Now accept the supremacy of the Lord, existence of God. And finally: Spiritual means – to be a human, to be open, boundary-less, benevolent to this earth, to be good for this environment, to be good and kind to all human beings, to all creatures and Follow God.


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