This universe or whatever we see at night, the extent of galaxy and celestial bodies are kept at a side as a third dimension, our lives on the other corner as first dimension, this visible world around us or our environment and surroundings are at the second corner as second dimension and the fourth invisible, metaphysical, supernatural corner as fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is spiritual.
The energy, power, and light are there at the fourth dimension. (if you do not like the term dimension, you can apply another word “corner”.) When we come to this physical body, we carry not only the light but also shadow along with us from the fourth dimension. We carry also energy and power consuming elements with us from the fourth dimension. There is love in the fourth dimension but when we come to this physical body, we carry ego too. This physical body is related to all four dimensions. Clearing anti-fourth dimensional elements is equivalent to exploring one’s own full-fledged life.
Mind is bundle of thoughts; think of good thought(s). Clean nasty and naughty thought(s), those are our energy and power consuming elements. If those elements are cleared, our mind calms down. Meditation is a tools for shaping your mind accordingly. May be you will call it cynically spiritual but purifying oneself is necessary to link oneself with the fourth dimension. Purifying means clearing anti-fourth dimensional elements (elements here means thoughts which shape our behavior, attitude, mentality etc.) When we develop fourth dimensional elements in us, the reflection is our behavior, attitude and mentality which can be seen by our family, friends and other people. Conclusion – when Meditation is your favorite tools (in this context), it will help you to know about the fourth dimension, as well lets you live your full-fledged life.


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