Developing Balance

Establishing a healthy link between our thoughts and our “self” helps us shift from imbalance to balance. If we reach to an optimal state of dynamic balance, we naturally tend to listen to our self and body with love. This helps balancing happiness and well being. For developing body-mind balance we extend our effort by sparing few minutes of our time to quiet our mind with the help of Meditation.
I haven’t found anything else Meditation as an important tools for restoring body-mind balance. We experience a state of restful awareness. Different than that in sleep. In this state body is resting deeply while our mind is awake though quiet. (I don’t want to say how our mind and body learn to be healed by themselves but I would like to quote that Scientific research on meditation is accelerating with the growing awareness of meditation’s numerous benefits. Most cited ones are decrease in hypertension, anxiety, depression and insomnia which are indications of improvement in our health. Thinning and eliminating addictive behavior is groundbreaking).
Thus, activities to establish a link between “I and me” (or thoughts and our “self”, or what do you like to term them? It’s rather spiritual to give an exact term!) is Meditation. Then? Balance yourself, Do you like to?


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