Listening To Oneself

Start speaking to yourself. How? As I did, I started as follow and still I am doing- Feel that you are speaking to invisible you (or to yourself). First, I told myself before going to bed – “I have to wake up at 4 am tomorrow morning; earlier than usual”. I did not fix any alarm, then I went to the bed. In the morning I wake up 15 minutes before the said time. Science says that Neuron works to favour such circumstances. I don’t know. In the morning I again spoke to myself – “Today I need to work up to 11 pm. I don’t want to go to bed before that.” Until it was 11 pm that day, there was no strand of sleep in my eyes. Before going to bed I told myself – “Tomorrow, I want to wake up at 6:30 am.” Yes, it was done. I told myself – “I want to do a course to add a value to myself.” Yes, it was done within two weeks of time. “I want to go on a trip to a hill station at the end of this year”. Yes, done. “I want a job change or hike salary.” Yes done, it took four months of time. Sometimes my “self” tells me, “Today you need to take rest or need to take extra calorie food.” I follow the suggestion from inner me.
Be sure that you are telling to your “self” while talking. May be this was a type of Manifestation, but it depends upon how you speak to your “self”. Lips saying something else than brain? It doesn’t work. And one thing for sure- always start with small things and talk to your “self” every day, in the morning and in the evening. Say the same thing every day until fulfilled. Be positive, never ask anything to damaging others, harming others, be benevolent or philanthropist; never feel that your “self” is not listening to you but do not say different things at a time – your self will fall in dilemma; never forget to express gratitude (thanks) to your “self” when you feel good, your words are heard, your requirements are met; live happy, choose happiness to live. In this way you will construct confidence, preserve perseverance and patience, culture oneself. Go ahead step by step. Don’t say a big thing at the beginning or during learning period. I have been doing this for four years, still I do not say, “I want 30 thousand dollars within one week”. Just make a habit of talking to oneself, so that invisible you do not feel lonely. That’s good. You will feel good too. Now start talking to yourself. No need to utter words, speak from the depth of heart. Know what you are saying and whom you are saying to. That’s all.


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