Knowing Oneself

To know oneself is important, why? We need to know oneself to know others. We don’t know others without knowing oneself. “As above, so below; as inside, so outside; as within, so without.” How will you learn to know oneself? First try to know about your surroundings, parents, siblings, friends, domesticated animals like cat, dog, duck and plants around you, flowering plants, cascading, field, and many more things. Perceive physical things. Listen to them, hear them, watch them, observe them. And then turn to know yourself now. Try to listen oneself, try to hear, watch oneself, observe oneself. You will slowly know physical you. People say – this is a silly question, who doesn’t know oneself? Know yourself physically and spiritually. You try to perceive yourself in such a way that nobody has done this ever before. Try to know both visible and invisible you; both outer and inner you. If you know inner world, you will know outer world in better way. If you know inner you, you will know outer you in better way. Love oneself, treat oneself well, poise oneself better. Anything you have to start is to start from oneself. Change oneself towards positive aspects of life – is at first step to advancing in to the world of the Reality. How do you know Yourself? Ponder. There is again a subject to be discussed.


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