Abstract Arts Held Me On

I was to walk; walking along a road. I reached somewhere – where there was an exhibition of arts and paintings. I entered the hall and started watching drawings, oil paintings and different arts. They were so beautiful, meaningful and some were artistically agonized. Besides these, when I reached a corner of the hall, I was stuck seeing abstract arts. They were meaningless at a glance but showing a great hidden meaning at stare. I gave more than some minutes to one and then jumped to another canvas. Then my eyes started searching something. I passed one hour or more without knowing time. When I came out of the exhibition hall – I realized that my mind was not boiling within the period I was trying to figure out something in the Abstract Arts. At the same time I thought that I could concentrate. “Oh yea! “EUREKA”, I can concentrate”. I could remember – I was stuck watching smoke after my candle was blown off at the Meditation Hall last I had attended and then again I was in the same state while trying to figure out the smoke in the thin air. Eureka! My subject of concentration was different. I got it. I, then and there decided to learn concentration on my own. You may also have different “Point of Concentration”. I was taught different ways of concentration yoga but in vain. That day I discovered myself how I could concentrate. This is how I got back to the track again. Of course- something may hold your mind if the traditional practice is not working for you. May be you need to come out and look for that. As I found that Abstract Arts were able to hold my mind, I watched dancing clouds in the summer sky for hours as they formed different Abstract Arts. Slowly and gradually I was advancing from good to better state of concentration. Even nothing works for you, continue practising Concentration, that’s Meditation, too.


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