Concentration Was Not That Easy

Concentration or Meditation is not that easy. I tried from different level and corners but in vain. Once I had given up. I remembered that day- I sat in the Meditation Hall, at front there was a burning candle. I had to watch or stare at the flame. I did, torso was ok, eyes did stare at the flame but my mind? No question- it was boiling too much- may be like an esteem engine, and was able to pull all the buggies intertwined. It was the same since last two weeks. No development. That day, as I was Sitting Silent, I gasped and breathe out with force. The candle blew off. And then there was a small smoke, danced like snake and vanished into the thin air. I watched that being involved, and tried to figure out that vanished smoke in the thin air. I gaped into the thin air for few more minutes and then stood up, walked out the hall. Done.
“I can’t do this, I can’t, I can’t!”- some such cry was what I heard amidst the boil of mind. Again I was striding on the same unknown path as before. I did not know where my legs would lead me to. I was just walking. For I was to walk. That was the day I surrendered and confessed my guilt about not being able to do this petty job. After a long time, something brought me back to the track. I will say what that was.


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