Music For Concentration

We are trying to improve our observation power. Music is helpful for us to enhance our concentration. Chanting of Pundits and monks is a form of music, too. Repetition of any word has it’s impression in life. By this chanting system we can reform our physical, metaphysical and spiritual world. Repetition of words form a dominant thought or a clear concept in mind. Every person in the world who has clear concept in their mind will be finding a place of their own, or create a place of their own. But I was sure that music meant melody; melody is soft, amicable to our ears. I have seen some monks, pastors, saints and nuns play instruments by themselves and sing Hymns. Engulfed in oneself. That is a form of concentration.
In Modern days, we hear different music, different beats, different melody. We can sink into beautiful music. That’s a form of concentration. What I suggest you is to choose such music which is enthusiastic, which brings a smile on your face, a happiness in your mind. Better avoid sad, sentimental songs because such songs generate sad vibes in you and again, like thought attracts like thoughts. It boils your mind. Construction takes time than destruction. Please do not allow stupid music to stampede in your mind’s beautiful garden and destroy blooming. Your garden is your own garden and you can determine whether it is ok if it is destroyed or not.
Choose such music which adds a hope, energy, vigor to you, for eg. “We shall overcome someday”. I am benefited from such music. My waking up alarm is the music “Happy birthday to you”. Not only on birthdays, but every day I like to enjoy like birthday, being cheerful and happy. When, in the morning I hear “Happy birthday to you”, it fills an energy in me similarly as on my birthdays. It helps me to make my whole day a good and vibrant day. Music helps me to beautify my inner me. As inner me is lively, so is outer me according to the formula “as is inside, so is outside; as is under, so is above”. Thus, music helps me to beautify inner me, to concentrate, to keep inner peace longer, to bring happiness in mind or even for healing. Hurrah! Go for good music.


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