Check List

Before you sit in front of the Dressing Glass for practice, please go through these points:-
1) Use arm chair so that you may not fall if you sneak into the sleep zone while doing Reflection Watching on the mirror.
2) Outfits – not much tight fitting, neither too loose.
3) Splash in your eyes with cold and fresh water.
4) DND at the door or inform your family members and ask an hour of time.
5) Mind is nothing but bundle of thoughts. If you find some thoughts there, instruct yourself not to think any thought. Or Alert by oneself, “Concentrate there at the Reflection.”
6) You may see your face changing at the reflection, it happens while attentively watching at a point. Sometimes old face, sometimes very young face, even sometimes you may see the face which is not yours. Please don’t get panic in such cases.
7) Sometimes your face may disappear from the mirror. Don’t get panic. Keep watching.
8) You may realize as you are getting light current flow in your body, that’s flow of energy in your body. Accept it.
9) Mental condition may (most probably may not) suddenly change – face this problem. You may feel worrying, frenzy or excited. Please don’t react with anybody after this practice if you feel like this.
10) No feeling comfortable after this practice or your problem is not listed above? Please consult your teachers, talk to your colleagues and teachers regarding your problem.
11) After completion of the practice again splash in your eyes with cold and fresh water.


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