Look At The Mirror

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We are getting ready to sit for concentration. Take a chair, sit in front of Dressing Glass at your drawing room. Posture- simply sit as usual, your spine straight and head facing straight forward. Look at the mirror, your own reflection. Stare, watch, observe yourself. How beautiful or handsome are you! You are a special person and only one of your type in this world. Very special, I can say this because your finger print and DNA were not match of any other in this world in the past and will never match even in future. No match. Yes, look deep into yourself through your eyes on eyes. No blinking, no thinking; at least try. You will find yourself, that special you. This is the way you can explore powerful you. Would you like this expedition to exploring yourself? If “yes”, my big “Bon Voyage!” to you.
You have to lay down some precautions while you are getting ready for this big expedition. Not a joke, big preparedness for big step. I shall be coming soon with the list of precautions that we have to abide by, tackle and face.


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