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I was talking about a “link” or thread which connects me (physical) to my “self” (spiritual). Yes, there is a “link”, and it connects you to your “self”. The link is not been established yet. We have to establish the connection by ourselves. Yoga means to connect, to establish “link” of the person (physical) to his “self”, (spiritual). To KNOW One’s “SELF” is to establish the “link”. There are some processes and practices to do this, one amongst them is Meditation. Meditation is Physical, what we gain by Meditation could be spiritual. To establish this missing “link” is to know one’s “self”. There are some “Body Mind Balance Exercise” and then again Meditation. These all are about establishing “link” with visible to invisible, physical to spiritual. A wonderful subject for me was – “link”. Very vast subject. It is just a concise of that.


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