Ways To Meditation

Ways To Meditation
I was taught five ways of concentrating
1) Watch your breath
2) Watch your own reflection in the Mirror
3) Watch the candle flame
4) Chanting with/without beads
5) Watch the drops of water falling from a pot. (it is designed to teach us how to concentrate. A pot full of water is put on a tripod; there is a very small hole at the bottom of the pot, we watch as the water in it oozes drop by drop).
Chanting includes chanting name (of God) or Mantra with/without beads, singing prayers, spiritual dance, praising lord with/without playing some simple instruments. Doing this with engrossed mind was a form of concentration. “When people are happy, they never even recall God, but when they are upset or in a problem, they moaning/yelling/bellowing/howling/blubbering pray God or recall God.” That also was a form of Chanting.” Do you believe it? How wonderful is the subject of Meditation!


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