Difference In Purpose Of Meditating

I wanted to know why those monks and Sadhus (Saints) meditate. May be there is difference in their and our meditating purpose. Middle India’s solreclpKumbh Mela (fair) and Eastern India’s Kamakhya Mela are two most popular fair which become hub of saints and Sadhus during Related festival. I could see colours of Sainthood and intricate processes for serenity. When I visited these two Melas and interacted with many mad and crazy, silent and solitary type of monks and saints, I found a very big gap in between their and our purpose of meditating. Some of them meditate to receive divine bliss, some to accumulate wealth, some to perform supernatural healing power, some to be able to read other people’s mind, some wanted to be hypnotization Master, and few for salvation/Moksha/Mukti/Nirvana. And the question to oneself—why do I Meditate? FOR INTERNAL PEACE. And their Process of Meditation was hoarse and full of hardships, our is very simple and easy like “sitting silent” in the morning and evening. Anyway, I found something there – the something was an inter-linking thread between physical and non-physical, visible and invisible, dark and light, life and death or in brief – in between two poles of duality world.


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