Another Monk Whom I Did Not Meet

I wanted to know some ideas about Meditation, so one Saturday I went to see a Monk who was used to live in a small Gumpa (Buddhist Temple) on the Rangeet river bank. I did not see him. His disciple was in the Gumpa who told me that his Teacher had gone inside a cave for Meditation and he would come out of the cave after five to six days. As per his disciple, he usually goes into the cave for long Meditation; comes out after five-six days. I don’t know how he stays five-six days inside the cave without food, water, light, fresh-air etc. At least I came to know that there are some Really Meditation Crazy People. Meditation should not be like an opium. I was searching a way of living good life with the help of Meditation. But the thing was making holes in my head. Some are in jungle, some on the trees, some in cave, some in temples, some naked, some saffron, some white; different colours of Meditation I found in my “Meditation System Hunt” travel and trek. I knew now – if I say Meditation, people understand Traditional type of Meditation Practice and parents will never allow their children to Practice Meditation. I immediately walked out of the Gumpa, there was no question of waiting for him. Why should I mess my head more? And on the way back I was thinking “Could we change the trend? Traditional to Homely Meditation practice?”


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